Are you in pursuit of a business data expert to manage and create data migration strategies for your business? SoftX offers you the service of data migration along with evaluating and reviving the data quality providing enough resilience needed for your business to flourish. We understand your need and conform to improved quality of data migrated for enhanced usability and ready-to-use data for your business.

Services rendered under Data Migration:

  • Electronic File Conversion
  • Database Conversion from One Format to Another
  • Web Content Development
  • HTML Custom Coding & Tagging

Our data migration engineers will haul you through a detailed plan in order to transfer data to a completely new application or a program. We shall help you strategize your urgency, analyze, build and structure the migration along with proper testing and maintenance of data transferred. In spite of the overwhelming volume of work, we continue to strive towards consistent and more methodical system documentation.

Data migration is a crucial task requiring commitment and collaboration from all corners of the business. SoftX with its unmatched technical expertise shall provide you with timely and quality data migration and also provide you with large scale conversion of data on a massive scale.

Benefits assimilating are given below:

  • Eradicating Duplicate and Inaccurate data
  • Integrity of Clear Data Conversion
  • De-emphasizing Risk of moving from Legacy to New Application
  • Flexible Reporting
  • Competent and Superior Return on Investment (ROI)

We have developed expertise in web, mobile-based-products and CRM technologies and provide enough leverage to undertake this challenging task of converting data to your customized application.

SoftX takes pride in furnishing application migration for its clients giving enough opportunities to adapt to the new emerging technologies. We try to maintain the strength of the legacy systems and also make you ameliorate the uses of newly designed applications.

Our services in Application Migration include:

  • Database Migration
  • Language Migration
  • OS Migration
  • Code Reconstitution
  • Risk Alleviation
  • Code Restructuring
  • User Interface Migration
  • Legacy Application re-engineering
  • Architecture Migrations

We undertake an assessment of applications, preparing applications, migrating applications and also offering testing and post migration services to run business processes hassle free. SoftX strategizes application migration services that suit its clients in the form of complete migration, iterative migration, vertical and horizontal migration based on factors such as system qualities, manageability, training and cost. A customized delivery model for application migration and seamless extension of business goals is guaranteed at SoftX.

We extend long lasting support to modernize the existing legacy applications by effectively improving operational efficiency. Geographic diversity of users, application characteristics, time of execution, implementation and maintenance issues do not deter us to lend quality services as and when demanded by our clients.We believe there remains scope in opulence for legacy applications to undergo a vital transformation in the near future.

Why go for Application Migration?

  • Outdated Technology
  • Integration Issues
  • Need for better Performance
  • Need for Agility
  • Scalability issue
  • Advanced Security
  • Excessive time & cost for maintenance

By accrediting and embracing the application migration services of SoftX, you can be relieved by the power of migration and enjoy business success now and in future.