Realizing the potentials of the internet and its relative advantages over the conventional means has led many businesses to retail products and services online. Automation improves transaction processes, accelerates B2B communication and significantly reduces operating costs. Convenience, user-friendliness, larger variety and cheaper prices are some of the reasons why customers are turning to the internet to purchase. Selling the products and services online has enabled retailers to reach out to a global customer and increase their profits. Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, etc. are the few examples of e-commerce players who have attained huge success within the past decade and have proved that e-commerce has a bright future ahead.

E-commerce industry operates in a vibrant atmosphere, where new challenges and fresh opportunities keeps on brewing. The success of the eCommerce players evolves around many factors like the use of multiple channels to get to their customers, understanding their needs and how do they want you to cater to their needs. We, at SoftX understand these pain areas and therefore provide robust and scalable solutions to eCommerce business. We have a vast experience in developing eCommerce solutions and portals. We have worked with many clients across the globe to cater to their specific requirement like set-up an online store, modify existing online presence, etc. with our eCommerce development services which has helped them build a better customer base, maintain an effective web presence and ultimately boost bottom lines.

SoftX's experience in eCommerce domain:

  • Shopping cart development
  • Multiple Payment gateway integration
  • Auctioning systems
  • Credit card payment integration
  • Integration with internal systems like CMS, CRM and ERP
  • Multiple stores handling Support
  • Mobile and handheld support
  • Multiple languages and countries delivery support

With numerous such track records of developing eCommerce solutions and websites for clients, we boast to have wide experience in developing custom solutions for eCommerce industry which make you a fully integrated business capable of driving end to end solutions for your customers.