Global Control System(GCS) is a good controlling and security system, which controls whole house-hold systems functionality with mobile commands.

This Home automation technology has various features of the technology increasingly being adopted to transform new-age homes. Home automation includes building management systems, lighting, controlling heat, ventilation and air conditioning, and security installations that enhance quality of living and safety.

GCS is based on various elements like sensors (for temperature or motion detection), controllers (such as PC), and actuators (valves, motors, light switches). A device like a smartphone is needed for human-machine interface, so that users can interact with home systems for controlling them.

With a simple tap on a smartphone, high-tech security systems can be deployed, a car garage can be opened or closed, lighting systems can be turned on, or temperature controls can be set even before entering a home. If that is not enough, automated controls for entertainment can be set up, replacing the conventional use of multiple remotes and devices with a push of a single button to control entertainment activity. Lights can be controlled depending upon your mood and also in accordance with the availability of natural light. If there is still some daylight available in the evening, the house lights can be dimmed so as to save energy usage.