The one question that is uppermost on the minds of all global manufacturing companies today is: how to ensure higher profit in the face of strong competition and demanding customers? The answer to this question lies in a connected enterprise. It can respond quickly to dynamic changes in global markets by facilitating horizontal connectivity between your company and its customers and suppliers and vertical connectivity between the enterprise and the shop floor.

SoftX can help you become a connected enterprise easily. We engage in providing IT software development services to offer manufacturing clients comprehensive, efficient, feature-rich business and workflow system. Our services let manufacturing companies make far-sighted predictions, take timely strategic decisions, optimize workflow and polish up the complete manufacturing process. We have a consultative, domain-led approach that transcends petty cost arbitrage to ensure business advantage. We are perfectly aware of how evolving markets function and therefore can deliver value that lasts for long. We have a team of technology experts, business consultants and engineers which cater to various segments including:

Automotive: We enable the major vehicle manufacturers of the world along with their supporting ecosystems to utilize technology for bringing more innovation to their designs, controlling warranty process and improving assimilation with dealer networks.

Process: We assist companies, involved in manufacturing raw materials, in increasing their plant efficiencies, managing environmental and global trade compliance demand more effectively and coordinating their supply chains in a much better manner.

Industrial: We help manufacturers of durable as well as non-durable products use technology for adapting their operations according to new markets, rolling out new platforms of collaboration and refining their engineering and production management systems.

SoftX combines different components of a manufacturing unit into an all-encompassing software solution, where all data are stored in a consolidated manner which can be easily managed, processed, and extracted for the benefit of the organization. Our experience of developing customized solutions for the manufacturing segment comprise:

  • Supply Chain Management
  • CRM
  • Billing and payment systems
  • Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing
  • Business Process Automation
  • Productivity Reporting

Our services are aimed at:

  • Reducing total manufacturing and marketing time
  • Ensuring immediate access to all the important manufacturing process information
  • Increasing operational efficiencies, improving productivity and creating a persuasive return
    on investment
  • Optimizing and managing total costs

All our offerings address different areas of manufacturing companies which help optimize processes and cut down on operational and production expenditures.