The SoftX Real-Time Location System is a wireless radio frequency solution that continually monitors and reports real-time locations of tracked resources.

RTLS is a fully automated system that continually monitors the location of assets and personnel. Network based tracking systems use a combination network enabled computers, tags, or other wireless devices; base stations; and application software to locate, track, and monitor assets and personnel in real time.

RTLS can be defined as "positioning systems", a name which derives from a double function: identification of different types of items, such as assets, equipment, containers, Work In Progress, but eventually people, and continuous feedback, and automatic Realtime this information, and therefore allowing you to always know exactly where a certain item is found (but also possibly where it was as a result of subsequent displacement) as an immediate consequence of constant communication between system control and management, and the specific item path. As a typical example we can consider the case in which you have to keep track of multiple containers distributed over an area wide average: with conventional technologies of RFID-based automatic identification is of course possible to record the arrival and departure of the container but not can obtain accurate real time information of their position in the storage area, what instead possible with the identification RTLS, the result of a blend of technologies made possible by the development of wireless communication and algorithms analysis software of the radio signals.

We developed succesfully functioning RTLS-system for registration and movement schedule control along with technological processing of vehicles/peoples/ goods. System includes readers installed on specified points, readers are connected to server & internet. Tags are installed in vehicles/peoples/ goods. Server software is compressing received data and identifying all events concerning transmitters like moovement, location etc. Reports are available via server & Internet.

  • Applications :
    • Asset tracking in logistics and warehousing
    • Medical applications including patient tracking
    • People tracking for safety and security
    • Monitoring of transport conditions using sensors
    • Tracking of goods, materials and containers in shipping yards
    • Inventory and equipment security
  • System Integration :

SoftX offers system integration and deployment services for a multitude of usage scenarios.

SoftX works with its customers in defining the deployment scenario for a specified usage and rolling out the complete solution, covering

  • Selection of tags and devices
  • Site survey
  • Location mapping
  • Chokepoint deployment
  • Device configuration and maintenance mechanisms