Right from supply chain and scheduling to wireless communication and process automation, transportation industry faces unique challenges in their roadmap of success. This is especially true as we move towards a heavily regulated, global marketplace. The more complex the industry becomes, the more innovative approaches required to stay competitive. Therefore, intelligent IT solutions are developed which integrate information and communication technologies in transportation infrastructure and vehicles to lower fuel consumption, improve safety and logistics. These solutions have roadway and traffic surveillance components which help government and traffic authorities reduce the response time and evacuate congestion in urban areas with the right information and planning. This helps run the overall transportation system smoothly and leads to a better traffic management.

SoftX, being an expert in designing customized IT application develops solutions that lend a helping hand to the Transportation industry by integrating their infrastructure and network. Our solutions streamline and automate end to end transactions, supply chain performance, brings agility and responsiveness in transportation process cycles. We have developed Service Oriented Architecture solutions which have helped our clients resolve traffic and road transportation problems and reach pinnacle positions by reducing the cost of managing commutation routes and schedules.

Some of the solutions developed by us for Traffic and Transportion Industry:

  • Automated Driving Test Track
    • Automation of driving test procedures and storage of test data centrally
    • By This Motor Vehicle Department improve the quality of driving test
      procedures and hence citizen services.
  • Traffic Management System
    • Real time information on traffic condition, incident, road flooding, congestion,
      vehicle position, nearest bus stop with live streaming through CCTV cameras
    • Displays boards & signage at roads to reach destination safely
    • Integrated maps for highlighting journey routes with personalized
      routes drawing facility
  • Passenger Information System
    • Displays information on public transports and passenger congestion
  • Mobile Application for Bus Schedule
    • Real time bus arrival and departure details
    • Displays bus stop lists
    • Bus services time table

Along with these solutions, SoftX has extensive experience in developing GPS tracking solutions, Geo location solutions, delivery scheduling and document management solutions, mileage, routing & mapping solutions and integrating CRM and ERP with legacy systems of traffic and transportation operators.

Our technology applications craft comprehensive solutions for the transportation industry which help you grow leaps and bounds in your operational area and boost the efficiency of the supporting departments.