After introduction of the Internet, business and commerce has taken a new dimension. Companies across segments and of different sizes are gradually using this avenue for creating brand awareness and generating revenue. The fundamental requirement for online business is the creation of websites and web pages. Web application development aims at making these web sites more attractive and usable to viewers. For creating distinctive web pages it is important to understand a company's objectives and priorities.

SoftX boasts qualified professionals in identifying specific needs of companies based upon which we create web pages. We use the latest technologies and state-of-art methods to create customized web applications. These applications enable you in reaching your target audience in a most personalized manner. Our web based applications complement your long term and short term business objectives. We are capable of developing applications that involve integrating large volumes of transactions and data, or are based on complex business calculations. Irrespective of your requirement, we are able to offer solutions that are trustworthy, innovative, and affordable. We always strive to provide development plans that offer the best price/ performance ratio.

Web application development services provided by us include:

  • Dynamic webpage creation;
  • Database integration;
  • Database designing and programming;
  • Data importing;
  • Creation of customized site engine;
  • Modification of existing features or addition of new ones for better interoperability;
  • Develop web interface.

Our portfolio includes applications for enterprise portals, online stores and e-commerce websites, B2B website platforms, etc.

Our team of experts listens to your exact business needs before setting out to plan your entire development project. Experience gained over years help us to create applications that are completely customized. Depending on your requirement, we develop programs that are implemented phase-wise and delivered periodically. Regular updates are given to customers about each step in web application development undertaken by us. Solutions created by us are flexible and are changeable as per customers' demands. On schedule deliveries and on-budget completion is our specialty.