Unauthorized absence costs you money, prevents effective administration of leave policies and lowers employee morale.

While tracking employee attendance is critical to organizations, it need not mean wasting inordinate amount of time in administration, manual collation, and reporting.

With our revolutionary attendance management solutions, it is now possible to accurately track employee attendance with minimum hassle and effort.

Works With Any Hardware

Our attendance software works seamlessly with any type of time tracking hardware like biometric devices, RFID, smart cards, etc.
If you already have the attendance hardware, let's integrate it with our solution and you will see the huge difference in the way you manage attendance.

Online Attendance Marking

The online attendance marking feature allows employees to mark attendance using the browser without requiring any hardware based time tracking devices.
To enforce policy and prevent misuse, you can allow attendance to be marked only from a specific login IP address for each employee.

Employee Self Service

Much of your administrative effort goes towards regularizing absence due to missed punches, office duty, working on a different shift, and so on.
But attendance regularization can happen only with employee inputs. When employees see their attendance and swipe information in real time they can immediately rectify issues leading to higher accuracy. Moreover, at the month end, there are no surprises and wasted time for the employees when time loss or loss of pay occurs.
Employee self service leads to less work for the HR department, faster feedback, greater transparency and better employee satisfaction.

HR & Payroll Integration

You experience HR bliss when attendance, leave (vacation), holiday calendars, and payroll all work seamlessly in an integrated fashion.
You get a smarter system that gives a more accurate and complete picture of employee attendance.
It also eliminates duplication of effort, inconsistencies, and confusion that is common with stand alone attendance software packages.

Software Intelligence

Get in-depth software intelligence with real time data tracking of employee attendance, leaves, holidays, shift rosters etc.
The raw data from swipes is collated to give consolidated reports on absenteeism, cumulative working hours, over time, etc.
The monthly attendance records can be filtered by various categories like location, department, etc.

Configure the Rules

Configure the attendance software to exactly fit your company requirements with a variety of rules for absent marking, actual hours computation, shift rostering, OT, and so on.